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Celebrating the Orbit of the Earth As the Days Overtake the Nights




Spring's renewal and rebirth:  we see it every year, but why does it happen?  What causes the coldness of winter and the increase of the warmth of the Sun each year? In addition to the science, we will also explore some of the mythology and cultural stories associated with this special time of year. And if you're not careful, you might just learn some Latin while you're here! (Exactly what is an "equal nox" anyway? We dare you to find out!)


This family-friendly program uses the latest in hands-on astronomy teaching techniques so that by the end everyone will understand the reason for our seasons, the orbit of the Earth, the path of the Zodiac, and much more! 


This program includes several activities that showcase the Sun. It will also feature observations of Jupiter and a few other nighttime objects.  


Adults and families with children 8 years or above are encouraged to attend. (This program offers special discount pricing for the little ones.)


Reservations required.


This is an Official Program of the Arizona SciTech Festival.




Saturday, March 22nd, 2014




3:30 pm - 8:00 pm




The Kitt Peak Visitor Center



Adults $45
Members $40
Kids (ages 8-16) $15
Tribal Members Free





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You may cancel at any time up to 48 hours prior to the program date without any penalty. A $20 per person cancellation fee will be charged for those who cancel less than 48 hours prior to the program date. If we are forced to cancel the program ourselves, you will not be charged anything.


On the day of the program we will make a “weather call” and determine if the program will proceed as scheduled or not. Assuming the weather cooperates, the per-person fee will be charged automatically at this time. You will receive a copy of your receipt at check-in time.


If a last-minute emergency or other situation comes up so that some or your entire group cannot make it, please let us know as soon as possible. It may save you money, and will allow us to fill the empty space with others from our waiting list.


This program is handicapped accessible.






- DRESS WARM! Hats gloves and layered clothing required! It will be COLD on Kitt Peak in mid-March! Much of the program will be held outdoors.

- Come early if you wish to shop in our Gift Shop (it will not be open after the program ends).




- Bring weapons, alcohol, or pets.

- Use cell phones, white lights, or green lasers while on the Mountain

- Smoke anywhere on Kitt Peak




email Bob Martino, the Program Coordinator at:

Or call (520) 318-8736

(It’s easier to reach me via email than by phone. Please do NOT call or email the Program Coordinator if you just want a reservation! Call the Registration Number listed above.)





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