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We hope that you’ve enjoyed having the Moon around for all these millennia, because tonight… A MONSTER WILL EAT IT!


(Not to worry. The Monster will spit it out again soon enough.)


Don’t miss your opportunity to witness a Total Lunar Eclipse from the dark skies of Kitt Peak. This three-and-a-half hour celestial event starts at 10:00 PM. The eclipse begins at 11:00 PM when the Moon starts to enter the Umbra (the darkest part of the Earth’s shadow) and finishes at 2:30 AM when it emerges completely from the Umbra. The last time we had a total lunar eclipse visible from Arizonawas FOUR YEARS AGO (and that one was clouded out)!


An educational presentation on the nature of eclipses will be included, as well as telescopic viewing of the Moon and other astronomical objects.


This program is good for the whole family, so BRING THE KIDS! Yes, it will be a very late night for them, and they’ll probably miss school the next day, but eclipses are just SO COOL!





Monday April 14th, 2014




10:00 PM - 2:30 AM

(Yes, it starts late and ends in the wee hours of the morning. But we have no control over the movements of the Heavens - all we can do is watch & enjoy things as they happen.)




Kitt Peak Visitor Center

Park in the picnic area, 1 mile below the summit. Shuttle vans will carry you to and from the top of Kitt Peak.



Adults $45
Kids (ages 6-16) $25

Kitt Peak Members receive a $5 discount
Tribal Members: FREE




Light snacks provided. Hot beverages will be available at a nominal fee.




You may cancel at any time up to 48 hours prior to the program date without any penalty. A $20 per person cancellation fee will be charged for those who cancel less than 48 hours prior to the program date. If we are forced to cancel the program ourselves, you will not be charged anything.


On the day of the program we will make a “weather call” and determine if the program will proceed as scheduled or not. Assuming the weather cooperates, the per-person fee will be charged automatically at this time. You will receive a copy of your receipt at check-in time.


If a last-minute emergency or other situation comes up so that some or all of your group cannot make it, please let us know as soon as possible. It may save you money, and will allow us to fill the empty space with others from our waiting list.





Please register with our new online system, or

Call (520) 318-8726 to register.


Call (520) 318-8736 if you have any questions.

Or email the Program Coordinator at:

(It’s easier to reach me via email than by phone.)






U1 (Umbral eclipse begins) - 10:58 pm MST

U2 (start of total eclipse) - 12:07 am MST

Maximum Eclipse - 12:45 am MST

U3 (end of total eclipse) - 1:25 am MST

U4 (Umbral eclipse ends) - 2:34 am MST





- DRESS WARM! Hats gloves and layered clothing required!

- Enjoy our snacks and refreshments.





- Arrive before 9:00 PM.

- Drive to the top of the mountain!

Parking will be provided at the picnic area and guests will be shuttled to the Visitor Center.

- Bring weapons, alcohol, or pets.

- Use cell phones, white lights, or green lasers while on the Mountain.

- Smoke anywhere on Kitt Peak.


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