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Program Name

Fun With The Sun

Program Location

McMath - Pierce Solar Telescope
Available Seats: 15
Date Selected: 10/12/2013

Program Description


Learn about the life cycle of the Sun on Kitt Peak!  This three hour program discusses how the Sun was formed, reactions within the Sun and how the Sun will die.  

In addition, we will look at our fellow inhabitants of the solar system and how the Sun affects those planets.

This program is held during the day at the McMath - Pierce Solar Telescope on Kitt Peak.  The weather on Kitt Peak is approximately 10 - 20 degrees cooler than in Tucson.  You will want to wear layers.  While this program is entirely indoors, you will want to walk around the mountain a bit before and after.

Fun with the Sun is family friendly!  Kids above age 7 are welcome!

 $42 per person/ $20 for children

To make reservations please call the Visitor Center at 520-318-8726.  On the day of the program you will receive a call from the Visitor Center confirming if the program will happen.  If you have not received this call  by 11 am please call the 520-318-8726.

Any reservations cancelled within 24 hours of the program will be charged a $20 per person cancellation fee.  

Please call 520-318-8720 or 520-318-8739 with any questions that you may have.